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Re: mapcar and values interaction

Re using MAPCAR to return values only sometime....

You don't.  Use MAPCAN or LOOP or DO.

By the way, please change your mailer or whatever so your address does not
come out as "drstrip@gnome.cs.sandia.gov".  That is not a legal address.
Change it so it is "drstrip@cs.sandia.gov" as that is what is what the rest
of the world can get to you by.  (If you are running ZMAIL, that means you
should change your MAIL-HOST in the namespace object for the user DRSTRIP.
Maybe on other mailers, you should set up a REPLY-TO: drstrip@cs.sandia.gov"
header line.)  Alternatively, speak to whomever runs the domain CS.SANDIA.GOV
and have them add GNOME.CS.SANDIA.GOV.