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    Date: Tue, 5 Mar 91 08:24 MST
    From: paul@taos.intel.com (Paul Collier)

    My question is, why does the previous work? It obviously does, since
    I've been doing backups for years and it's never blown up. I'm also
    curious as to why the original coder used 'elt' as the variable name in
    the form. It seems strange to use a function name as a variable name
    (although admittedly harmless.)

Note that the backup software is in the LMFS package, which uses
ZETALISP, not COMMON-LISP.  The Zetalisp GET function works on symbols
and "disembodied property lists".  Zetalisp disembodied property lists
inspired Common Lisp GETF, which is more general in some ways, less in
some others.  See p.134 of the Symbolics Common Lisp Language Concepts
manual for information about disembodied property lists.