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C or C++ mode for Zmacs

    Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1991 19:22 EST
    From: Hank@SEASLUG.arc.nasa.gov

    Does anyone have or know of a C or C++ mode for Zmacs?  I know that
    Symbolics has a C compiler for their machines, but I only want the C
    mode for Zmacs and Symbolics does not distribute their C mode
    software separately from their C compiler.

The C mode for Zmacs is bundled in to the C product.  We don't currently
offer it separately.  Sorry about that.

You might be able to get by with some other infix language mode like
Macsyma Mode.  (If it's not satisfactory, simple language modes aren't
actually very hard to write.  You could look at things like Macsyma Mode,
Midas Mode, Scribe Mode, etc. and maybe cobble something up that was
similar and good enough to get you going.  To do this, do 
 m-X Edit Zmacs Command
and when it prompts you for a command, press m-X and then type the name
of the mode you want to edit.)