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Changing the :INITFORM of a slot with :ALLOCATION :CLASS

    Date: Wed, 13 Mar 91 09:13 CST
    From: lgm@iexist.att.com

[No comments on clos, but ...]

    Note that Common Lisp specifies for DEFVAR the same style of behavior.
    That is, re-evaluation of a DEFVAR with a new initializer is not
    supposed to modify the variable's value, but Symbolics' implementation
    does so anyway (and thankfully so, in my opinion), albeit with a

Actually, under normal circumstances (regular load, compile, etc), it
does not.  But, if you INSIST (ie. c-sh-c in zwei with the cursor ON the
defvar) it will comply. That, indeed, IS a nice feature.

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	    AT&T Bell Laboratories

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