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2 questions - Art for UX400 / services need login

I have two questions:

- I've been waiting a couple of weeks for Inference Corp to answer
  this question, and I haven't gotten one yet.  I know their Art
  product runs on 36xx's and MacIvories, but will it run on a UX400?
  Their MacIvory installation instructions are pretty MacIntosh-specific.
  Any info is appreciated.

- We are getting close to installing a fielded, operational system
  running on a UX400.  The application is strictly server-based running
  on the board.  The problem is that one cannot invoke a service on
  the machine without someone being logged in.  I suspect that I don't
  have my service defined correctly.  Can anyone help?


dan haug
Internet: haug@austin.lockheed.com
UUCP:     ut-emx!lad-shrike!aihaug
Phone:    (512) 386-4634