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slug mail

    Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1991 13:50 EST
    From: mackey@PEGASUS.SCRC.Symbolics.COM

please add basham@aio.jsc.nasa.gov to the slug lists.


    Hi Michael,

    What is the slug mailing list?  I put myself on the slug-info list but
    have yet to receive any mail, so I am supposing that that was not the
    right one.  If for some reason I am not able to add myself can you add
    me please?  In addition, I have a customer who would like to be on the
    slug list to.  His address is basham@aio.jsc.nasa.gov.



I have added you to local-symbolics-lisp-users-group.
basham@aio.jsc.nasa.gov will have to be added to slug-external which I have cc: