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Crippled X?

We have a bunch of 3600-series machines, and I've just recently been
porting an CLX-based application to run under Genera.  The plan is to
use X servers on other machines to display clients running on the
Symbolics.  I've loaded CLX and gotten the application's graphics
windows to do their things on MacX by typing commands at a listener on
my Symbolics console.  So far, so good.

Now, I'd like to get a listener client to run on the lispm, so that I
can do all the interface on the window-serving Mac.  I suppose I could
learn enough CLX to define such a window, but this must be a common
need.  Yet, I haven't found anything promising with any
apropos-snooping I've tried.  Where should I be looking?

For extra points, why can't _all_ the Symbolics windows be X clients?
That's how the UX boards work, right?  So, if I've loaded UX and/or
Embedding Support, why isn't all this available?  Or is it?

-- Rich Brandau