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Genera 8.0 exported symbols?

   Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 00:47:23 EST
   From: tallis@starbase.MITRE.ORG (Hans Tallis)

   Hope this ain't too dumb a question, but ever since I started using Gen 8 on an
   XL machine, it complains whenever I reference non-exported symbols, even if
   they're referenced with a double colon.

This sounds unlikely; I doubt that there's much hardware-dependent code in
the package software.

One thing that can cause behavior like this is when the symbol is external
at compile time, but internal when you load it into a different world.  The
compiler dumps out symbols in a style analogous to the way the PRINT
function does, and the loader reads them in analogously to READ.

The best way I know of to keep this in mind is to pretend that the compiler
simply reads each form, macroexpands it, evaluates it if it is an EVAL-WHEN
that includes COMPILE, and writes it out using PRINT.  Later the loader
simply loads the resulting file.  If a symbol is external at "compile" time
it will be written out as PKG:NAME; if it is internal at load time this
will cause an error.