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NX1200 Press Announcement

Contact:  Susan Zellmann-Rohrer, Symbolics, Inc., (617) 221-1021
          Mimi Englander, Sterling Hager, Inc., (617) 259-1400

                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


	Burlington, Mass., April 1 -- Symbolics, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMBX)
today announced that its leading object-oriented software is now
available for most Nintendo machines, using Symbolics' high performance
Ivory-based co-processor.

	Called the Symbolics NX1200, the new Symbolics co-processor
board gives Nintendo users access to Genera, the most comprehensive
object-oriented development and delivery environment currently
available, as well as to Symbolics' family of integrated,
object-oriented application building blocks.

	The NX1200 was developed in response to demands from among over
three Symbolics users to make the Company's comprehensive development
software available on popular Nintendo machines for home use.
Symbolics stressed that the NX1200 now provides a powerful platform,
fully integrated with the Nintendo graphics environment, for the
development of AI, CAD/CAE, artificial politicians, manufacturing and
other advanced game applications.

	Dick Karcrash, Symbolics' vice president, Marketing, stated,
"The NX1200 is unique both for its high-end development capability as
well as its tight integration with the Nintendo environment.  Users
will not only maximize their existing hardware investment but have
access to two powerful software environments on a single machine,
leveraging the best of both worlds:  the large library of game
applications and color I/O available with Nintendo and the unmatched
development environment for complex applications available with
Genera.  Working with the NX1200 is, let's face it, fun!  Instead of a
boring mouse, a user points and clicks with a pistol.  Our development
team calls them 'bugzappers'. You can really get personally involved
with your software with these babies. And for really big bugs, you get
yourself a Nintendo M-16 attachment, and blammo!"

Symbolics Targets Major Market Opportunities with Nintendo Product

	Karcrash added "We have a premier software solution for the
over 15,000,000 Nintendo machines installed worldwide that lets us
address a much larger segment of the home population.  Because so many
of our customers today have Nintendo machines at home, the NX1200 is a
very logical step for us.  And we can offer third party software
developers a more complete delivery product line.  Symbolics views this
as a strategic opportunity to expand from the saturated university and
research market, into a previously untapped population of users without
social skills.  These are the kinds of customers that we know how to
serve well."

	Jake Blefelstein, general manager, sales and marketing for
Colecotron Systems, a company with a number of Nintendo compatible
games on the market, agreed.  "With the Symbolics NX1200, the Nintendo
can once and for all compete head on with the likes of IBM and Apple.
Now everyone who has invested just a couple hundred dollars in a game
machine can have access to the finest software development environment
available anywhere at any price."

NX1200 Pricing and Availability

	An entry level NX1200 delivery system including co-processor
board, 10 MB ECC memory and cartridge slot will be available in May for
$200 (U.S.). Genera delivery software on 57 cartridges will have an
expected retail price of $24.95 per cartridge.  K-Mart and Sears will
be distributing the system, along with the optional development
cartriges.  These will include the Zmacs editor on 31 cartridges, the
lisp compiler on 48 cartridges, CLOS on 27 cartridges, and CLIM in an
additional 13 cartridges.  Symbolics reports that the cartridges have
been partitioned to minimize swapping by the user, but in the words of
Jerri Robbers, Symbolics' senior product manager, "We find some of the
swapping actually reduces keyboard fatigue. In these litigious times,
this will help prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. We have also taken this
opportunity to actually increase cartridge swapping for parts of the
system we hope to discourage developers from using. For instance, the
new common-lisp loop capability is implemented over 14 cartridges. Any
loop that uses the new capabilities may require over 2700 cartridge
swaps to parse. We feel this will be of great benefit to the
community."  The first release of the NX1200 will support Symbolics'
complete family of software products including Statice, Joshua, and
Symbolics Concordia.

	In an unusual move, Karcrash noted that GSA and University
pricing will carry an additional 40% markup over list. "Basically these
guys are a pain in the ass to deal with, and this puts the cost of
doing business with them more fairly on their shoulders.  If they want
to get a discount, they can wait for a Blue Light special at K-mart
like everyone else."

Coming Soon: the NX1200g!

	Jerri Robbers reports: "Now that we have the basic Nintendo
system covered, naturally we will have a gameboy compatible system out
in the near future."

Symbolics, Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Mass., is the leading
provider of symbolic processing hardware and software used in
sophisticated applications, including interactive scheduling and
planning, hypertext-based publishing, computer-aided mathematical
computing and HDTV-based graphics imaging and processing.


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