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Projectors for Symbolics consoles

    Date: Thu, 4 Apr 91 10:59:10 PST
    From: starnet!bass!lakin@apple.com (Fred Lakin)
    I hear Hughes also has a color light valve now, but I have not seen it.  As
    a rule I always prefer b&w over color -- they never seem to be able to get
    all three dots in the same place. However sooner or later they will I
    guess.  When I was in Japan I saw a light-valve type (i think) color video
    projector from Sharp that looked very good. I don't know if it's available in
    the US

I'm pretty sure that it is.  I saw one being demoed at a show here about
a year ago, running off of NTSC-encoded video signal.  Nice, compact,
portable box with a good clear image, at least on a slide projector
screen (100" diagonal maybe?) at about 12 feet.  They said they didn't
have RGB input capability, so I guess you'd need a Genlock paddle on
your Hi-Res color system to use it.

Speaking of which, anyone have a used 36xx color system they'd like to
part with?  If so, please call me at (512) 346-3276.

	or can handle megapixel resolutions.

Don't know the answer to this.  The one I saw was standard TV res.

BTW, I want to thank you folks for posting this info on the list.

  -- Bill Gooch