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    Date: Fri, 5 Apr 91 14:07:24 est
    From: rick@maxai.den.mmc.com (Rick Duffy)

    Does anyone know of an email list/forum that
    covers LISP/CLOS/CLIM, etc?  For that matter,
    if you know of any open AI-related forums, please
    let me know!  (If I get a bunch, I'll put them
    together an post them here).


	... RIck

Hi Rick,

Some time back I solicited and compiled this information, but I never
got around to posting it. (my apologies):

SLUG lists with comments on usage:
slug@ai.sri.com				Whole list of SLUG recipients
Frequent use

slug-board@ai.sri.com			Official Board, plus extended associates (e.g., treasurer, SLUG-Japan)

slug-board-only@ai.sri.com		Board members only

slug-president@ai.sri.com		President (or alternate if away from DIALnet)
Used, but currently still goes to the old president as the new president doesn't have a mail address

slug-membership@ai.sri.com		National Membership Librarian

slug-treasurer@ai.sri.com		National Treasurer

slug-librarian@ai.sri.com		Librarian, for SLUG tape information

slug-liaison@ai.sri.com			Symbolics' liaison to SLUG
This forwards to Symbolics.  I don't know if it is used or who gets it now.

slug-liaison-international@ai.sri.com	Symbolics' liaison to international users
This forwards to Symbolics.  I don't know if it is used or who gets it now.
slug-consulting@ai.sri.com		For discussing issues about consulting based on Symbolics machines

slug-dial@ai.sri.com			Discussion of DIALnet facilities to be implemented on users' behalf
					by Symbolics (technical advisors)

slug-dialnet@ai.sri.com			Special Interest Group for DIALnet users

slug-dialnet-registry@ai.sri.com	Registrar for SLUG Dialnet registration
Used, but very little

slug-sig-ai@ai.sri.com			Special Interest Group in AI Products (Joshua/Concordia/Statice)

slug-shared-maint@ai.sri.com		Special Interest Group for users on shared maintenance, and other interested parties
Rarely used.  Actually forwarded to SLUG-SHARED-MAINT@THINK.COM.
slug-chapters@ai.sri.com			Group leaders for "local" users groups internationally

BARESLUG@ai.sri.com			San Francisco Bay Area SLUG people (part of SLUG mailing list)
Part of SLUG but otherwise unused.    

Essentially unused

So far unused


other lists:
Common Lisp:		common-lisp-request@mcc.com
TI:			info-ti-explorer-request@sumex-aim.stanford.edu
CLOS:			common-lisp-object-system-request@mcc.com
CL Window Systems:	cl-windows-request@mcc.com
PCL:			commonloops-request.pa@xerox.com
CLX:			bug-clx-request@expo.lcs.mit.edu
Express Windows:	express-windows-request@atc.boeing.com
Allegro CL:		allegro-cl-request@berkeley.edu
CLIM:			clim-request@bbn.com

TI - Texas Instruments
CLOS - Common Lisp Object System
CL - Common Lisp
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
PCL - Portable CommoonLoops
CLX - Common LISP X Interface
CLIM - Common Lisp Interface Manager

I suggest that if anybody has any corrections or additions they respond to
both Rick and myself, and we can coordinate with each other on getting out
a supplement.

Joe Karnicky