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accessing unix files under 8.0 (2e)

   From: BAECHLER%eldi.epfl.ch@warbucks.ai.sri.com

   I mentionned yesterday my difficulty to read unix files from my symbolics
   running 8.0. Someone wrote me that this happens because I access them through
   symbolic links instead of direct names, which is the case. I verified that
   when I use direct names I can read my files again. Unhappily this is not a
   very conveninient solution because we have no big Sun server and our files
   are spread across several machines. So, does anyone have a solution to access
   files through symbolic links?

I apologize for not recalling all of the details, but I was having problems
like this with FTP access to one of our UNIX file servers (which doesn't
run NFS for security reasons).  I reported this to customer-reports, and
promptly received a patch which seems to have remedied all problems (at
least ones having to do with this problem area).  The patch I have is
labeled as IP-TCP 427.5 (which is not  the major version of the IP-TCP
system for released for 8.0).