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Re: Turning an Ethernet into a WAN

Re routing...  If you want to have the two lispms as the same site, SLIP
connections won't do.  The lispms want to talk CHAOS with each other
for such things as namespace, printing, etc.  I think with 8.0 you might
be able to do namespace service over IP rather than Chaos.

We have lispms in the same site on different ethernet cables (and consequently
on different IP subnets).  We have a CISCO box do routing between the two.
The CISCO is on both nets.  However, I do believe CISCO boxes will route
CHAOS to another CISCO if both CISCOs are on the same set of IP subnets and
the CHAOS subnets are set up to match the IP subnets.

(We are running older software on the CISCOs and do have trouble shipping
some CHAOS packets (to the printer spooler).  I understand CISCO has fixed this
problem but the people who run our CISCOs haven't upgraded our software in
well over a year.)

If you're willing to have the two nets as different sites, then I see no
reason SLIP should be too big a problem.  Just don't try to run X over it!