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Turning an Ethernet into a WAN

If you have Symbolics G-machines (3650 or newer -- I don't know whether it
works on Ivory machines, though) at both sites, you can use Symbolics's
Sync-Link Gateway software, which is part of the standard release, although
not loaded by default.  It knows how to route Chaos and IP over a serial
line, using a protocol developed by Symbolics (it predates, and is more
general than, SLIP).

As Mabry mentioned, you can't use SLIP for what you want, because SLIP only
transports IP (that's what the "IP" in "SLIP" stands for).  PPP
(Point-to-Point Protocol), the successor to SLIP, can be used to transport
arbitrary protocols over serial links, but it isn't as widely implemented

SLIP and PPP are pretty simple, and should be easy to implement for the
Lispm.  All they do is add framing, and maybe a checksum, around the packet
and put it onto the serial line.