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More News About Genera 8.1

April 19, 1991

Dear Symbolics Customer:

We are pleased to announce the upcoming availability of Genera 8.1, scheduled for 
release in early summer, 1991.  

Based on your feedback, Genera 8.1 incorporates more than 2,500 fixes, 
improvements, and extensions to Genera 8.0.  Of these changes, approximately 
20% are to program-development and ancillary utilities, another 20% are to 
the Genera documentation set, 20% are support for languages (primarily
support for CLOS and Lisp language standards), another 12% each are IFEP
and Operating System changes (primarily support for new hardware platforms), 
and the remainder are primarily networking and in support of new peripherals.  

The most significant new feature is CLIM (the Common Lisp Interface
Manager), a portable, Dynamic-Windows-like user interface manager.  CLIM
provides a high level language for defining presentation-based user
interfaces that will run not only under Genera, but also under
Unix-based workstations and PCs that support Common Lisp.

With the release of Genera 8.1, MacIvory's Macintosh software has been
enhanced to use several advanced features of the Macintosh System
Software to enhance the robustness of MacIvory.  As a result of these
changes, your Macintosh must be running Apple's Macintosh System
Software version 6.0.7 or later in order to run the Macintosh software
shipped with Genera 8.1.

Also, if you use our HyperCard interface to MacIvory, you'll find
that we have upgraded our HyperCard software to HyperCard version 2.0.
You'll need to obtain this latest version HyperCard to continue using
our HyperCard/MacIvory interface.

Upgrade kits for both Macintosh System Software version 6.0.7 and
HyperCard version 2.0v2 are available from Symbolics.  Simply indicate
which upgrade kit(s) you need on the enclosed response card and they
will be sent to you at no charge.

With this release, customers will have the alternative of receiving their Genera distribution on CD-ROM instead of
on tape.  For those
unfamiliar with this medium, CD-ROM provides a convenient and compact
method for loading software distributions.  Also, due to the difference in production processes, customers
who opt for CD-ROM distribution will receive the release approximately
four weeks before customers who select tape distribution.

CD-ROM drives are available from a variety of sources, including
Symbolics.   For further information, contact your local Sales Representative (call
1-800-533-SMBX if you need the
Sales Representative's name or phone number).  

Customers who prefer tape will receive QIC-100 data
cartridges (for
XL and MacIvory) or QIC-11 data cartridges (for 3600 family
and UX).

S-Product support for 8.1 has not been set at this time.  S-Products
will continue to run under Genera 8.0.2 at this time.  When support for
version 8.1 occurs, there will be a separate announcement sent to all
S-Product customers.

If you responded to our January 1991 letter, requesting media
preferences for this release, you  need not reply to this letter
unless your address or media requirement has changed.  If you haven't
responded previously, please return the completed Business Reply Card to
Symbolics, allowing 3@em()4 weeks for delivery of your software upgrade.  

Thank you for your continuing support of Symbolics products.


Saiid Zarrabian
Director, Software Development

@comment(This part goes on a business reply postcard.)

[ ]  Send my Genera 8.1 update during the month of _________, 1991.

[ ]  Send my Genera 8.1 update as soon as it's available.  

[ ]  Include Macintosh System Software version 6.0.7.    [ ]  Include HyperCard 2.0.

[ ]  Send my Symbolics operating system software on CD-ROM.

At least one serial number at your site:@)_

Technical Contact:@)_@/  Phone:_____/@)_

Company Name:@)_

Mail Stop/Dept.:@)_@/    Building:@)_

Street Address:@)_
(No Post Office Boxes, please)

City:@)_@/ State:@)_@/ Zip:@)_