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More News About Genera 8.1

    Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1991 14:48-0400
    From: KimCookandSherylAvruch@YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM

    S-Product support for 8.1 has not been set at this time.  S-Products
    will continue to run under Genera 8.0.2 at this time.  When support for
    version 8.1 occurs, there will be a separate announcement sent to all
    S-Product customers.

Genera 8.0.2?  When did that come out?  The only ECO release I recall
was 8.0.1, last fall, and it was only required for certain customers.

    With this release, customers will have the alternative of receiving their Genera distribution on CD-ROM instead of
    on tape.

I'd like to verify an impression I got from the previous mailing about
CD-ROM distribution.  If I have a CD-ROM drive on a Sun, and a Symbolics
36xx workstation with IP-TCP, Embedding Support and UX Support loaded, I
can read the CD-ROM over the net and don't need to get a CD-ROM drive
that connects directly to the Lispm, right?  My response to the previous
mailing was based on this assumption.