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Sym to MAC

    Date: Fri, 26 Apr 91 14:39:52 edt
    From: rick@maxai.den.mmc.com (Rick Duffy)

    This may be more of a MAC question than a Symbolic's, but ...

    I am trying to copy files to and fro a MAC.  But there doesn't
    seem to be a System Type for MAC in the namespace.  I've tried
    a few, and had the most success using just a dummy (random) type.

    I am using NCSA Telnet 2.3 on the MAC, and am using services
    I can copy files to the MAC ok.  My problem is I don't know
    how to reference a specific folder on the MAC to which to
    copy the files.  They currently go into whatever directory
    I have defined on the MAC as my "Transfer Directory".  But
    with what I've seem to be able to do with my UNIX copies,
    I was wondering if there is some kind of pathname convention
    that would work when copying to the MAC, or if I
    need to create a new system type.

In 8.0, there is a system type called MACINTOSH, which causes pathnames
for the host to be in the Mac's standard format:


I think you can then say something like

  Copy File >...from-directory...>*.lisp MAC:hard-disk:my-system:source:*.lisp

and that will work.

[I haven't tried using the Namespace editor to change the system type of
the host, so that may not work.  If not, I will send you the lower-level
code I used to create a Macintosh host to play with.]