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call for subjects

Several years ago, when I was working at Symbolics, I
collected some data that enabled me to look at how
intensively different people use the mouse.  These data
suggested that there might be quite large individual
differences in mouse use.  

The original data were suggestive but not conclusive, due to
potential artifacts introduced by the sampling method.  I
would very much like to repeat the study with different
sampling code and some of the original participants.
Unfortunately, in order to protect their proprietary
interests, Symbolics management has decided not to allow the
monitoring code to be installed at Symbolics.

I am soliciting interested members of the SLUG community who
would like to help advance the cause of human-computer
interaction science.  You qualify if

 - you use a Symbolics machine daily for the majority of
your work
 - you have used a Symbolics long enough that using anything
else feels strange (i.e. long enough to have developed your
own distinctive use patterns for the distinctive features of
the Symbolics interface)
 - you are willing to load some monitoring code and able to
send me the results by email.

Please contact me for further information.  I hope you are
interested in helping me out with this research.  Thanks.

Jan Walker
Digital Equipment Corporation
Cambridge Research Lab