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Completion using Accept

    Date: Mon, 6 May 91 18:04:03 GMT
    From: hull@eola.cs.ucf.edu (Richard Hull)

       We avre having some trouble getting the complete key to work with an "accept"
    call.  Basically we want to be able to provide a modifiable default to an
    (accept 'string ..) function call.  It seems like to complete key is the way
    to go.  After perusing the sections on dw:completing-from-suggestions and
    dw:suggest, we are more confused than when we started.  Does anyone have any
    ideas how we can implement a modifiable default to accept (without having to
    define new presentation types)?  We are running on 3653 with Genera 8.0 if it
    makes any difference.  Thank you.

       Richard Hull  UCF AI Labs.

I'm not sure what you mean by "modifiable default" but perhaps 
control-meta-Y is what you want.  For example: 

 (accept 'string :default "foo")
 Enter a string [default "foo"]: 

Now type Control-Meta-Y and "foo" pops in at the end of the accept field
in modifiable form:

 Enter a string [default "foo"]: foo