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Three Dialnet Questions

1) Is anyone sucessfully using a Hayes-compatible modem for Dialnet?

2) Has anyone updated a file called macterm.lisp, which, combined with a
file called password.lisp, allows you to login to Symbolics machines
over the phone?  I think these files were originally authored by Mark
Tait.  macterm.lisp defines

uss:(defmethod (input-top-level nbs-console-async-interface) ()

but the package uss does not exist in 8.0.

3) Does anyone have a fix so that people who use dialnet get proper
e-mail return addresses without adding a reply-to field?  I have not yet
reported it to Symbolics, and it may be fixed in ECOs beyond 8.0.  Note
how my return address drops the host field.  My return address ought to
read paul@persephone.aegean-sea.dialnet.symbolics.com but is
paul@aegean-sea.dialnet.symbolics.com instead.

Thanks for any help you can offer.