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FY91 Third Quarter Results

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          Richard E. Waltz (617) 221-1049


	BURLINGTON, MASS., May 10, 1991 - - Symbolics, Inc. (NASDAQ:SMBX) 
today reported that its net loss, excluding unusual charges, had narrowed 
to $623,000 for its fiscal third quarter.  The Company also reported a 
one-time restructuring charge of $6,700,000 resulting in a reported net 
loss for the  third quarter of its fiscal year ending March 31, 1991 of 
$7,323,000, or $2.64 per share, compared with a loss of $4,119,000 or 
$1.49 per share for the same quarter of its past fiscal year.  More than 
one-half of the net loss, excluding unusual charges, is due to the adverse 
effect of $325,000 in foreign exchange transaction losses which occurred 
late in March resulting from the rapid strengthening of the dollar.  Revenues 
for the third quarter were $10,418,000, compared with revenues of $11,333,000 
for the comparable quarter a year earlier.  

	The restructuring charge largely reflects the write-off of certain 
excess assets, including inventories, fixed assets and capitalized software.  
These charges are associated with the Company's decision to outsource its 
board manufacturing, its discontinuance of older products, and its corporate 
downsizing.  These represent largely non-cash charges and do not represent 
significant cash obligations.  Quarterly savings in depreciation, amortization 
and inventory reserve costs resulting from the excess asset write-offs, exceed 
$1 million per quarter, beginning with the third quarter's reported results.  

	During the third quarter, Symbolics also concluded the renewal of its 
secured line of credit for a total of $3 million with the CIT Group/Credit 
Finance, Inc. for a two-year period ended April 30, 1993.

	Jay Wurts, Symbolics' chairman, chief executive officer and president, 
stated:  "We continue to make progress on our goal of achieving profitability 
as a smaller company.  Product revenue for the third quarter increased by 12% 
from the comparable quarter last year and reflects the impact of new products 
in both our graphics animation and software engineering markets.  However, 
declines in our customer service revenue offset these product gains. We continue 
to experience erosion in our installed base of older machines due to competitive 
and economic factors as well as the impact of replacing older, high maintenance 
cost  machines with our newer products.  Continued progress toward our goal of 
profitability will require the continued success of new product sales, slowing 
the rate of decline in customer service revenue and effective cost control.  
Therefore, we continue to explore a full range of financing alternatives to 
ensure we have sufficient working capital to complete our transition."

	Symbolics, Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Mass., is the leading 
provider of symbolic processing hardware, software and consulting for 
sophisticated applications which include expert scheduling and planning.  
Symbolics also provides advanced graphics systems for the professional 
video, film and corporate animation markets.