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getting the printer to interpet a postscript stream??

Hi Sluggers,

	Using CLIM, I tried the following: 

	       (with-open-stream (printer-stream
				   (hardcopy:make-hardcopy-stream hardcopy:*default-text-printer*))
		 (clim:with-output-to-postscript-stream	  ;all the output generated within this is now postscript.
		   (hardcopy-stream printer-stream)
	              (clim:draw....... :stream hardcopy-stream ....

this works fine, and all the output generated seems to be in postscript format, and is then sent directly to
the printer, the only problem is the output of the printer is a text file of postscript commands.

How do I set the stream to be postscript format, similar to telling the hardcopy command that it is
a postscript file.  I know that instead of using open-stream, I could use open-file, and then hardcopy the resulting
file, but are there any switches I can use with the open-stream form, or the make-hardcopy-stream form
that gets the postcript stream to be interpeted as ps, not as text???

thanks for the word.

eric  (buckman@human-torch.lasc.lockheed.com)