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lisp book? Sticky mouse?

   Date: Wed, 15 May 91 16:24 PDT
   From: JFK@BOLD-EAGLE.varian.dialnet.symbolics.com (Joe F. Karnicky)

   Two questions:

   (1) Any recommendations for a good introductory lisp book for someone
   fairly experienced with C, unix, VMS ?  I used to like the second
   edition of LISP by Winston and Horn but that was some time ago and I
   dunno what's now available.

There are many introductory books available, but I don't have any
specific recommendations. You may want to take a look at _Lisp Style
and Design_ (Digital Press by Eric Benson (sp?) and Molly ?, both at
Lucid); it's a intermediate book that covers issues beyond language
syntax and concepts.

[Perhaps someone out there has an up-to-date bibliography of Lisp books?]

   (2) I have a Hawley X063X Mark II mouse (steel ball) that sticks now
   and then.   Is it reasonable to take off the bottem plate and try to
   clean it up? or am I asking for trouble?  What solvent should I use?
   (we're no longer on a Symbolics hardware maintenance contract).

Years ago I called the manufacturer about this; they recommended to
use pressurized air to clean the ball assembly and then use GUN oil
(and no other oil) to relubricate the assembly. This worked fine for
me. Be careful not to bend the leads and wiring inside the mouse
when taking it apart.

- Rick