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Genera & MacTCP

I've the following problems with Genera (8.0.1, ie. Macivory support
version 3.1, Genera application version 5.4.3) and MacTCP (version
1.0.1) running on a MacIIfx, System 6.0.7:

 - launching genera on my IIfx AFTER having used MacX or NCSATelnet
   results in an alert box saying: "Network initialization failed!"
   (despite MacX or NCSATelnet are exited!)

 - launching MacX or NCSATelnet while Genera is running in the
   background (I use Multifinder 6.1b9) gives no problems with theese,
   but Genera eventually will crash without an error message and I've
   to reboot the mac!

Has anyone else seen this problems? Is there another way to circumvent
this but to reboot the mac before using Genera? Perhaps a version of
Genera Application that uses MacTCP???


ps.: I've tried to get some information from our local symbolics
     support center, but we have no warranty anymore and no
     maintenance contract (yet) so they could not help!
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