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extension cords for mouse and keyboard

    Date: Tue, 28 May 91 17:56 EDT
    From: pan@ATHENA.PANGARO.dialnet.symbolics.com (Paul Pangaro)

    the real desire is to get the
    cords for keyboard and mouse to run under the desk and away from the
    surface of the desk --- cosmetic and practical too. I need another 2
    feet or so.

I successfully built and use a mouse extension cord.  My extension cord
even has a reset button, which I added when my mouse got sick for a
while.  I think the reset button power cycles the mouse; I'm not really
sure.  My cord is almost 5 feet long, so 2 feet is no problem.

I'm pretty sure the 8-conductor modular plug is called an RJ45.  (I made
this thing a year ago, so I'm speaking from dim memory.)  All you need
is a straight connection, male to female cable.  If you want a reset
button too, add a switch that temporarily breaks the connection of the
black wire.  A private phone installation company could build one for
you in under five minutes.  You could build it yourself if you have
access to the parts and a modular plug crimper.  The female connector
that I found did not have a slot to fit the orientation tab on the
mouse's connector.  So, I had to remove the tab with a razor blade.

Given my success with the mouse cord, I wouldn't hesitate to make a
straight-through extension cable for the keyboard.

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