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machine doesn't know it has a tape drive

    Date: Tue, 28 May 91 14:13:33 EDT
    From: mwilliam@hawk.ulowell.edu (Marian Williams)

    We just received a 3675 as a donation from a local company.  When we
    try to read a tape (for instance during a Restore Distribution) we
    get a message that says:

	"There is no magnetic tape hardware on HOST"

    But there *is*.  And it's registered as a service in the host's
    namespace object.  Anybody have a clue what the message means?

What tape specification are you using?  What kind of magnetic tape
hardware are you using?  Maybe you're saying to use the 9-track tape
drive when all you have is a cartridge tape drive?

When specifying the tape device, make sure you say

   host:0  ;; Or whatever is appropriate.

if you mean cartridge tape or 9-track tape, respectively.