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MacIvories and Mac System 7.0?

    Date: Fri, 24 May 1991 17:16-0400
    From: Dodds@yukon.scrc.symbolics.com (Douglas Dodds)
    It's not compatible.  And unfortunately, due to bad timing, even the
    MacIvory life support for Genera 8.1, which is shipping in the next few
    weeks, is not compatible with MacOS 7.0.

This is *extremely* bad timing, bad planning, and bad customer
relations.  Symbolics seems to assume that MacIvory users only
run Genera, and that the customers will sit still until Symbolics
gets its act together.  Personally, I just run Genera less often.

But not even fixing it so the meta-key works again until this fall
is so obviously absurd I refuse to believe that Symbolics won't do
something reasonable more quickly.  (I leave it as an excersize for
the reader to figure out how much customer pressure will be needed
to make that happen).

    There will be compatibility with MacOS 7.0 in Genera 8.1 ECO#1, which is
    scheduled to be shipped in the fall.

(Which is about a year and a half after I first needed support for
VM.  It's a ROYAL pain having to boot my Mac every time I want to run