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machine doesn't know it has a tape drive

    Date: Tue, 28 May 91 14:13:33 EDT
    From: mwilliam@hawk.ulowell.edu (Marian Williams)


    We just received a 3675 as a donation from a local company.  When we
    try to read a tape (for instance during a Restore Distribution) we
    get a message that says:

	"There is no magnetic tape hardware on HOST"

    But there *is*.  And it's registered as a service in the host's
    namespace object.  Anybody have a clue what the message means?

    Thank you --
You didn't mention which release you are running; in recent ones you should
check to see if TAPE::*TAPE-DRIVES-CACHED* is T.  If it is, set it to NIL and
try again.  (The variable controls whether or not the tape drive lookup code
actually checks the hardware to see if there is a drive there.)

If the variable doesn't exist or you get the same error when it is NIL, check
the breaker on the tape drive power supply, it can trip independently of any
other power supply, hence making only the drive inoperative.

    Marian Williams
    williams@ulowell.edu        (no 'm' after williams)
    williamsm@raven.ulowell.edu (this one has an 'm' after williams)

    [I posted this message last week, but it seems to have been lost.
    Apologies to anybody who gets it twice.]