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NFS interoperability

I have been having trouble with a couple of NFS client implementations
serving off a Symbolics host running Genera 8.0.2.  I am just fishing
for hints right now before I gather enough information to formulate bugs
reports and start a vendor blamefest.

o The Wollongong Group's MacPathway Access product version 1.2 running
on an Macintosh FX with an ethernet board cannot open files via the
Genera NFS server.  When I try to manipulate a file, it either complains
about an error of type -4 or just resets the screen and pretends nothing
happened.  Oddly, it opens directories fine, and I have no problems
serving off a SUN OS server.

o GNU Emacs running under ULTRIX 4.1.52 gets into trouble when saving
modified versions of pre-existing files via a Genera NFS server.  It
apparently tries to truncate the old copy (it thinks) of the file, and
the server goes into some kind of infinite loop when it does.  This
problem does not occur with our SUN OS, ULTRIX, and DYNIX servers.

Any clues as to what is happening would be greatly appreciated.

--David Gadbois