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Mini carry tapes over ethernet?

I need to be able to write at my site a carry tape on a mini data cart,
so that it can be read on an XL machine.  I currently only have 3650s at
my site; they have big data cart drives.  What is the best way to add
this capability to my site? What's the cheapest way?  Can I hang the
drive right off my '50?

Assuming I can't hang the drive right off my '50:

I recall someone saying that they do LMFS dumps on a Sun over ethernet.
Would I be able to put a Mac with a mini data cart drive on the ethernet
and type Mac:cart for my tape spec?

Also, my application will want to keep the tape stream open for hours.
Is this going to be a problem over the ethernet?

Thanks for letting me pick your brain.

Paul Cross
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