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ZMail Questions

Hello SLUGgers,

     I've been using a DEC machine running Ultrix as my mail repository.
It is on the local subnet with our Lisp Machines.  The DEC box collects
my mail and I read it via ZMail.  However, I would also like to send
mail from ZMail and be routed using the DEC machine.  Why:
1) I have built up an extensive alias file (in my .mailrc on the UNIX
   box) that I would like to tap through ZMail
2) ZMail has a superior UI
3) The Ultrix mailer handles EMail addresses that are not InterNet
   (e.g. I use SPAN locally at JSC that have the format Host::User)

     I would consider using the Lisp machines as my mail repository,
if I could solve that last problem.  Does anyone have any experience
with this?  Any suggestions?

Thanks - BASH

/  Bryan D. Basham				  /
/  NASA/JSC  Mail Stop: ER22,  Houston TX  77058  /
/  (713) 483-2065				  /
/  basham@AIO.JSC.NASA.GOV			  /