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Genera 8.1 & CD-ROMs & 36XX machines

    Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1991 12:56 EDT
    From: delaney@xn.ll.mit.edu (John R. Delaney)

    Am earlier thread refered to problems using a MacIvory with a CD-ROM player
    as the system files host for Genera 8.1. That left me wondering whether
    there are CD-ROM players for the old 36XX machines and, if so, whether the
    same problem exists with them? 

    Hope you all don't mind what should be an easy question for once.

There are no CD-ROM drives for 36xx machines, unfortunately, because
those machines don't have a SCSI interface.  In order to receive
software distributions for 36xx's on CD-ROM, the local network must also
have either an XL or a MacIvory or a Sun with a CD-ROM drive.

We are working on the problems with using a CD-ROM on a remote Symbolics
machine as the SYS host for a machine (any Symbolics, not just 36xx).
We hope to have a fix for it shortly.