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Help with X Window System on Symbolics

Hello, my name is John Reading

I'm new here, and am not familiar with the customs of this list, so I hope
people will be tolerant if I commit any indiscretions. I am fairly familiar
with the Symbolics machine, though, and I hope that I can be of assistance
to others with questions regarding Genera as time goes by.

Right now, though, I have a question. I am trying to use a Symbolics 3670
as an X Windows server. So far I have established the communication with
my target machine, and can use xterm, and I have an xclock up (very 
important step, that), but I am facing some problems regarding fonts, 
etc. I am going to continue working on this, but I was wondering if
anybody else out there has experience working with X on the Symbolics,
and might be willing to share some expertise with me. Remember, if you
have any experience at all you are ahead of me right now, so I will
appreciate any and all responses.

Thanks in advance,

John Reading
Litton Data Systems
Van Nuys, Calif
(818) 902-5096