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More ZMail Questions

Hello SLUG folks,

    Well, I got some good answers (and a little code) to my questions
about using ZMail.  But one problem remains:

   > 3) The Ultrix mailer handles EMail addresses that are not InterNet
   >    (e.g. I use SPAN locally at JSC that have the format Host::User)

How do I get ZMail to recognize these SPAN addresses?  Even the display
of these addresses comes out as <Unknown> as in the case:
[  21:   14 13-Jun basham-><Unknown>       Re: Address List		]

An alternate question could be: How can I make a SPAN address look like
and InterNet address?  Doing so would allow me to send mail to my SPAN
clients using ZMail, which would be a big win for me as I now bounce back
and forth between ZMail and the Terminal emulator -- a real pain in the
butt expecially with cutting and pasting, let alone editing!

Thanks - BASH

/  Bryan D. Basham				  /
/  NASA/JSC  Mail Stop: ER22,  Houston TX  77058  /
/  (713) 483-2065				  /
/  basham@AIO.JSC.NASA.GOV			  /