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:set-edges for a window on a color screen

I have a vague question on window flavors. I am working on some code
that we inherited from another group. They have a window type that
works fine on black and white screens. However, when these windows
are displayed on the *color* screen, sending a :set-edges message
does draw the window in the new place, but does *not* erase the old
image of the window. Sending a :refresh message to the color screen
does the trick, but we can't do this each time since refreshing the
screen also causes each of the potentially many subwindows to also
be redrawn.

Now, I realize that this question is very vague, but not being
a Flavors hacker, I am not sure where to look next. I do know
that the window type inherits from the following components,
some of them indirectly:


I'm sure I haven't given enough information for anyone to identify the
problem, but perhaps there is enough to suggest where I should look next?
Be aware that I am very naive re Flavors, since sponsor requirements for
portability to other machines forbade us from using them in our main system.

Tv:minimum-window provides essential-set-edges, so this may be the place
to start looking? Changing it to tv:window does not do the trick, even
though a window that is only of type tv:window *does* handle the
:set-edges properly on the color screen.

Any thoughts? This is all under 8.0.1, BTW.

					- Marty Hall
hall@aplcen.apl.jhu.edu, hall%aplcen@jhunix.bitnet, ..uunet!aplcen!hall
Artificial Intelligence Lab, AAI Corp, PO Box 126, Hunt Valley, MD 21030

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