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Two of our Symbolics sites have operated independently for approximately
a year due to a physical separation of ~10 kilometers.  We recently gained
network connectivity, but, due to political (and network traffic)
considerations, want to use TCP rather than CHAOS.

I would like to combine the two sites into one which communicates only via
TCP.  Has anyone done this, or am I about to lose *big*? I'm willing
to sacrifice CHAOS specific commands (such as "show hosts"), but have
had no luck using the "set site" command without a CHAOS connection.
I don't find any mention of the NAMESPACE service being available via TCP 
which appears to be a necessity.

Alternatively, is anyone willing to share their experiences using Cisco
routers to route CHAOS traffic. (We tried bridging, but the traffic
load brought us to our knees)

Stuck in CHAOS,

Steve Fulton
Boeing Aerospace Operations
Kennedy Space Center