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UX400 8.1 booting headaches s/n UX01130 - Urgent [1]

I've followed the instructions for rebuilding the first of our UX400 systems.
I'm getting the distribution from a remote mounted cd-rom. Just as a side
note, the extract_cdrom file was named extract_cdrom. and the file with the
current size information in it also had a "." appended to its name. The
script, therefore, didn't work. I moved the two misnamed files (and the rest of
the directory) to a place where I could rename them, and then everything went
smoothly ...

Until, that is, I tried to bring up the new Genera 8.1 world. I immediately
got the error:

	/dev/ivory0: embedding communication area clobbered

or something very close to that.

I don't know what to try next. I tried power-cycling the sun, but that changed
nothing. I don't have to rebuild the FEP partition, do I?