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Rays from monitors.

    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 91 10:53:42 PDT
    From: jrs@atc.boeing.com (Ross Stenstrom)

    I am using an older 3600 style monitor with a new shiney XL1200.
    I have no special interest in getting the new one unless it has
    some major advantage.  Because of a health problem I'd rather not
    get into, I'd like a monitor that was safer to sit next to all day.
    I know there is growing concern about emf radiations and I'm
    concerned that I'm already affected, being a Symbolics user since

    Does anyone know or know how/who to check up on this with?

    Ross Stenstrom
    Boeing High Technology Center


If you are talking about 60 Hz ELF fields, I have measured both our old
monochromes (the ones with the bright LEDs that you can see at the upper
left of the console as you look from the front) and new "premium"
monochrome monitors. The "premium" monitor has slightly higher field at
a distance of 18" (1.2 millegauss vs. 0.8).  This is the maximum
measurement I can get at that distance in the front of the screen; when
off center a few inches, it begins to fall.