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Re: Rays from monitors.

pan@athena.pangaro.dialnet.symbolics.COM (Paul Pangaro) writes:
}    From: jrs@atc.boeing.com (Ross Stenstrom)
}} ... [question about what it means to spend 50hrs/wk in front of a
}}  SMBX monitor] ...
}If you are talking about 60 Hz ELF fields, I have measured both our old
}monochromes (the ones with the bright LEDs that you can see at the upper
}left of the console as you look from the front) and new "premium"
}monochrome monitors. The "premium" monitor has slightly higher field at
}a distance of 18" (1.2 millegauss vs. 0.8).  This is the maximum
}measurement I can get at that distance in the front of the screen; when
}off center a few inches, it begins to fall.

"1.2 millegauss vs 0.8"??

But what does this _mean_.  I'm certainly aware of the definition of a
gauss, but can someone translate this into useful English?  (Remember
you're talking to software types here.  ;)