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accept-values pane

   Date: Thu, 20 Jun 91 17:35:08
   From: moon@cambridge.apple.com (David A. Moon)

   > Date: 20 Jun 91 14:37:00 MDT
   > From: alames@sandia.gov (2814 AMES, ARLO L.)
   >         is it possible, within the context of accepting-values (here,
   > an accept-values pane of a program framework), to move from one
   > item to another without using the mouse?  A customer is annoyed by the
   > number of mouse clicks it takes to fill in values the first time.  Many
   > of the fields being entered are simple numbers.

   I thought pressing the Help key while in this context listed some
   keyboard commands, including one to move to the next item.  I don't
   have a Genera system here so I'm replying without checking, hope I
   don't look like an idiot.

Yes, you're right.  However, the AVV pane is often so small that it's
difficult to read the documentation that is printed.  In general, the
keyboard commands are patterned after Zwei and the Input Editor.

c-N and c-P move to the next and previous queries.  The current query will
be underlined.

Space lets you type in a new response to the current query, like

c-E lets you edit the current response to the current query, like

When the current query is a multiple choice or set, c-F and c-B move
forward and backward among the choices, and Space selects or toggles the
current choice, like Mouse-Left.

Multiple choice or set responses can be entered either by hitting Space or
c-E while the prompt is selected and then spelling out the response (with
completion available, of course) or using c-F/c-B to move through the