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Re: accept-values pane

    Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1991 15:35 EDT
    From: alames@sandia.gov (2814 AMES, ARLO L.)

    Thank you for all of the replies.  I've just tried what you told me, and yes,
    it does work in accepting values.  I have a further problem: I have a display
    of a number of windows, created by define-program-framework.  The panes include
    a command-menu, some accept-values panes, a listener pane, and other misc stuff.
    whenever I type anything, if I haven't selected an item in an accept-values
    pane, the input just goes to the listener pane, not to move the cursor in
    an accept-values pane.  Can I do anything here?

Take a look at the namespace editor source, as it does what you want.

I think it does it by having the program's command table inherit from