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formating a disk

    Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1991 13:40 EDT
    From: bouma@cs.purdue.edu

    I had this disk drive that was really messed up after a power outage
    so I did a "disk format" on it.  Now I understand that to get the
    initial FEP filesystem on it I have to do a "disk restore" from the
    IFS tape.  The "disk" commands are in a file "g208-disk.flod".

    The problem is there don't seem to be enough cords to plug 2 disks
    into the machine that has the tape drive.  So I tried this thing
    (tape:write-fep-overlay-flods-to-cart "g208") so that I could scan
    the flods off of the tape.  This seems to work, only I am not getting
    the "disk" flods when doing the scan.  When I call the above function
    it verifies writing all the flods including "disk".  But when I do
    "scan cart:" it just loads the file cart:>commands.flod which doesn't
    contain the "disk restore"!  I don't know how to list any files on the
    tape from the fep as "show directory cart:>*.*" doesn't take.  How
    can I load the disk commands from the tape?


Are you scaning +all+ the flods?  You have to do a scan for each flod
file on the tape, so if there are 5 flod files you have to do five
scans.  (I believe you can also say scan cart:<N>, where <N> is the
0-based index of the flod file on tape, to scan just a particular flod).