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OK, so what does this mean?

    Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1991 23:52 EDT
    From: pan@ATHENA.PANGARO.dialnet.symbolics.com (Paul Pangaro)

    My init does a Set Time from the network; right in the middle,
    it did this:

    New time is 6/27/91 23:49:59.
    [23:50:17 IP Error 3 3:  IP E->A     3 (0:12)
		UDP[   37 1026] length 12: AC 15 2F AA  ,/*]
     Set status line time? (Y or N)

    Any ideas? Some wierd animal.

You shouldn't see "IP Error" notifications unless you've set

Error 3/3 is Port Unreachable, which is sent by hosts when they receive
a UDP datagram to an unrecognized port.

I think what happened here is that E was slow in responding to A's
broadcast query for the time, so its response came after A had already
closed the reply port.  It therefore treated the reply as if it were a
query to an unrecognized server port.  This confusion is an unfortunate
consequence of the symmetricity of the UDP protocol -- there's no
inherent way to distinguish queries from responses.