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User-defined format control codes

I think I found a situation in Steele's 2nd edition that I don't like.  It
concerns the use of one's own formatting functions within the format control
string (ie: (format t "~/my-function/" arg)).  If you create an elaborate
system in its own package in which you wish to utilize your own format control
codes, WHY do I need to always precede their invokation in the format control
string with that package (EVEN THOUGH I AM IN THAT PACKAGE)!  This really sucks!
Instead of having the format dispatcher always going to the user package when
it sees your non-package prefix control code, it should go to the presently
bound package. In package My-Package I still have to ...
(format t "~/My-Package:my-function/" arg) when I should be able to
(format t "~/my-function/" arg) ... I think the committee missed the boat on
this one.  What's the point of defining your own functions if you have to either
preface them with a package qualifier or have an echoing function in the user
package.  This sucks!   Comments anyone!