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Re: disks: Symbolics' can't handle power outage?

>     From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)
> 	From: bouma@cs.purdue.edu
> 	We seem to have a lot of trouble with disks on Symbolics' when the power
> 	goes out.  The last 3 times power went, a disk (or two) was corrupted each
> 	time.  We have Suns, SGIs, HPs plugged into the same lines, and NONE of 
> 	their disks were messed up, even though we have 10x more of them than Symb.
>     We haven't had too much trouble with power outages; in fact, our Lisp
>     Machines frequently survived momentary drops that took down Vaxes.
> I've run moderate size Symbolics installations at two places (a dozen at one,
> 18 here) and my experiences are like barmar's.

Well, my facility only has four LispM's, but I too, have survived thunder
storms and outages that have killed nearby Vaxen. Our Suns haven't had any
trouble either. We have no special equipment other than Isobar surge 

						- Marty Hall

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