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36XX disk drive compatibility & cannibalism

    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1991 11:49-0400
    From: barmar@think.com (Barry Margolin)

Thanks for supplying the details on IO paddles; I couldn't
remember them all.

    The 3600 I/O paddle can't be used in the 3670, and vice versa, because
    the I/O board/paddle also contains the video interface, and the 3600
    uses the old Lemo console.

Actually, if you've got an old Lemo console, you'd probably
be happy to upgrade, if you can also upgrade your cables and
monitor.  The newer consoles (and cables!) are more reliable,
and you probably have been inconvenienced by not being able
to switch machines and consoles.

So if you're willing to upgrade the video, you can use the
3670 interface in the 3600.  (Or the reverse, but who'd
want to?)