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     We are operating Genera 8.0.1 on a SUN computer running SunOS 4.1 with
a symbolics board attached.  While running in the genera environment if the
user tries to use the "login command" or the "show file" command among others,
Genera gives the error:

 Show File (file) STEPHENS /usr2/quotes
 Error: Request to STEPHENS for a 1124+59(:NFILE) connection was refused.
        No reason was given.

    Arg 0 (TCP::TCB): #<TCP connection to STEPHENS 59 (.NFILE), local port...>

***STEPHENS is the SUN that has the symbolics board installed on it***
however commands such as "show users @STEPHENS" work just fine.
The above error also occurs when trying to update the namespace.
The only related occurance that I can find when working with genera happens
when genera is first booted.
Error that occurs in cold load stream:

 STEPHENS does no support FILE service through any locally supported protocol.
 It supports only TCP-FTP via TCP, NFS via UDP, NFS via UDP.
 The local host supports only NFS via UDP, TCP-FTP via TCP, TFTP via UDP, QFILE
 No path could be found for TCP-FTP via TCP, NFS via UDP, NFS via UDP.
 Use protocol TFTP on medium UDP (Y or N) Yes.
 STEPHENS does not support FILE service through any locally supported protocal.
 Use protocol NFILE on medium TCP? (Y or N) Yes.

After typing 'yes' to the NFILE option, genera brings up the console window.
However, if 'no' is typed to the TFTP option, then a 'yes' answer to the NFILE
question causes genera to ask about protocol TFTP again, and when a 'yes'
answer is given this time the console window appears.  This tells me that
neither protocol is being implemented.

Any help on how to remedy this problem would be greatly appreciated.

                   Thank You,
                        Mike Swink
                        University of Kansas