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A number of Symbolics customers are interested in a version of Statice
that would run on non-Symbolics platforms.  Symbolics would like to
develop a version of Statice, called Portable Statice, that would run on
many platforms.

In order to expedite the development of Portable Statice, Symbolics is
pursuing strategic relationships with customers, and other hardware
vendors.  Symbolics is seeking partners to help fund Portable Statice.

Attached is a short survey that is designed to determine the interest in
such a product and to identify possible partners in this effort.  If
you have not already sent in this survey, please fill it in, and
return it to Feinberg@scrc.symbolics.com, or: 

    Neal Feinberg
    Symbolics, Inc.
    8 New England Executive Park, East
    Burlington, MA  01803

    Fax: (617)-221-1099

1. Are you currently interested in Statice?  Are you currently using Statice? 
Both using and interested in Statice
Only interested in Statice
Neither interested nor using Statice

2. How many Statice based applications are you developing, and how
many have you already deployed?		

3. Would you be interested in purchasing a version of Portable Statice?
Very much
Not at all

4. When do you anticipate you would need a version of Portable Statice?
Six months to one year
One to two years
Two to five years 
Five years or more

5. Are you interested in becoming a Development Partner?
Very much
Not at all

(Optional) Please describe your Statice applications.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions.