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Scribe, Word, and Concordia

	Does anybody know of some software that will take
	a Scribe-type file and convert it to Microsoft Word?
    I'd also be interested in knowing if anyone has software that will
    convert from Word or other PC/Mac format to Scribe/Concordia.
At one time, there was a plan to support conversion between Concordia
and RTF (Rich Text Format), the latter being an interchange format
supported by Word and other (?) software. I'm guessing, but the
interface probably would have included a "Convert Topic to RTF" command.

Anyone interested might check the source for SYS:NSAGE;TOSCRIBE.LISP,
which appears to have been designed with other conversions in mind.  I
even started on an RTF converter myself at one point. The RTF spec is
available from Microsoft; I don't happen to have their toll-free number
handy (check the Word manual).

John Krieger (s9274@srl1.lanl.gov)
Westinghouse Savannah River Company