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SYS:SITE; A novice adminstrator's question

    Date: Thu, 1 Aug 91  10:45:10 EDT
    From: delaney@xn.ll.mit.edu (John R. Delaney)

    Is that correct? Is that what one really wants? I can conceive of cases
    where I want a different .SYSTEM file for different Genera releases. 

I'm not sure if this is what you're struggling with, but you can
conditionalize translations (or anything) with (si:get-release-version).
Hence for instance

(select (si:get-release-version)
  (7 (set-logical-pathname-host "sys" :translations
				'(("sys:**;*.*.*" "NRL-SPACE75:>REL-7-2>**>*.*.*"))))
  (8 (set-logical-pathname-host "sys" :translations
				'(("sys:**;*.*.*" "space50:>rel-8-0>**>*.*.*")))))

Hope this helps.

Liam M. Healy
Code 8242, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC 20375
Telephone: 202-767-2851
Internet: Healy@space50.nrl.navy.mil
Composed on 8/01/91 16:12:08 at SPACE20 (a Symbolics 3620)